Welcome to WorkBetter 360

You have to try this service, it's a game changer (Video).

Enhancing productivity within and between companies

Efficiency & Teamwork!

Enhancing your business

This service "set to music" all the tools commonly used in business.

You will be surprised at how much time you can save

People spend from 30 to 70% of their time, every day, just gathering what they need to work (Opening applications, finding documents and information, zapping from one to the other for completing a given task). WorkBetter360 is really efficient for saving you most of that time.

How does it work?

In fact by simply adding, editing, drag & dropping you combine on a same screen (or work tab)

  • direct access to your information and documents: from a local folder or Google drive or dropbox (or more sophisticated EDMS systems)
  • tools: such as notes, lists, budgets, grids...
  • guidance: arrows, speech bubbles, pictures, videos, emoticons...
Share a workspace, it becomes a collaborative one

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